Useful Maths websites for Parents and Pupils – follow the links to the correct Key stage: Years 5 and 6 are KS2, Years 7 and 8 are KS3 – this website is very useful for revision – Useful website with hundreds of links to other websites – most resources are for KS2 with some for KS3 – Maths games website aimed at mostly KS2 pupils – pupils can log in as a guest or create an account – Maths games website for pupils with links to lots of other sister websites such as – Free online maths games resources for KS2 pupils – KS1 revision website – there is a parents as well as a pupil info section – click on the maths link on the left hand side – some resources are free but a login and password need to be set up to access the majority of resources – Similar to the KS1 version above – there is also a parents info section as well… – A maths games website (with some links to typing practice as well) mostly suitable for KS2 pupils and perhaps some KS3 pupils