Please find below some information about the curriculum at Pencoys Primary School.

Your school’s ability to maintain high standards; have well rounded pupils and foster such enthusiasm for the arts is what makes the school and staff outstanding. A real inspiration to others. – Visitor

Intent Statement

  • A global curriculum which develops a sense of place and purpose in the world they live in now and for the future.

  • A progressive curriculum framework which enables children to make links and revisit ideas.

  • A curriculum which celebrates Cornwall, its heritage and links with the wider world.

Our curriculum at Pencoys is designed to provide pupils with a sense of place and purpose in the world they live in, now and for the future. Increasing ‘cultural capital’ is a key driver for our curriculum.

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum framework that meets the requirements of the latest National Curriculum. Our curriculum provides pupils with the requisite skills and knowledge to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for the next stage of their education.

The content and challenge of our learning blocks inspire children to nurture a passion for learning and prepare them for life as a global citizen in a fast-changing and interdependent world. It provides opportunities to explore the complex and controversial global issues they may encounter in the media and their own lives. The curriculum enables pupils to develop their skills as agents of change and see how they can work together to develop and create a more sustainable future.

Carefully chosen learning blocks celebrate Cornwall and Cornish heritage. These learning blocks explore Cornwall’s links with the wider world and develop a sense of place, giving children pride in their cultural heritage and their locality.

Here at Pencoys we are very proud of our creative curriculum. You will find our whole school overviews on the Curriculum Overview menu tab above which detail the range of exciting learning blocks we use to deliver the National Curriculum.


Curriculum structure

Each subject has a Long Term Plan (LTP) that is structured using half-termly learning blocks. Each foundation subjects’ Medium Term Planning (MTP) is supported by ‘small steps in progression’ documents. This ensures a progression in both concepts and content. It is also underpinned with key concepts from the Oxfam Curriculum for Global Citizenship. Where possible, the MTP interleaves the other subjects to provide depth, breadth and interconnectedness.

We are confident that this approach offers a truly broad and balanced curriculum to all pupils. We believe that this will inspire pupils to go on and excel in their chosen field, with the widest range of opportunities available to them.

We have considered the key knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to achieve academic excellence in each subject. These form the end points for each learning block. The end points have then been broken down in to the small steps of learning needed to reach this goal. These are used to give our students appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities while accessing an intelligently sequenced curriculum, which builds on what has come before.

The curriculum at Pencoys uses current evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term. It is designed to help children make links and develop schemas in their long term memory. Learning provides opportunities for use of conjecture, retrieval practise (e.g. low stakes quizzes), stem sentences and pop tasks (end point tasks to show application of knowledge). Lessons include opportunities for modelled learning, independent, paired and group tasks.

Each half term starts with an immersive Learning Launch day to excite, engage and provide opportunities for children to explore and question. Part of this day includes a knowledge harvest, re- activation of prior learning and a vocabulary assessments. Children are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt previously and think about how this might help them.

The cognitive complexity of concepts progress as children move through the curriculum. The Oxfam Curriculum concepts such as ‘sustainable development’ are explored in greater depth as children move through the school. The learning blocks provide the context for exploring these concepts.


Through pupil conferencing, lesson observations, staff feedback and book looks we find:

  • Our pupils are developing their awareness of the wider world and have a sense of their own role as a world citizen.
  • Our pupils are excited and engaged by their learning, and are keen to ask questions.

  • Pupils respect and value diversity.

  • Our pupils are curious about the world and eager to find out more.

  • Our pupils are equipped to question and discuss controversial issues e.g. racism,

  • Pupils take responsibility for their learning, and actions.

By the end of their primary education at Pencoys pupils leave…

  • with a secure understanding of the academic content
  • with the understanding of how to be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally responsible and aware

  • knowing how to make a positive contribution to the local, national and global community and how to endeavour to be the best that they can be.

  • as respectful, ambitious and ready for a future in a changing world.