School Uniform

Our School uniform is available to buy from Trophy Textiles, Pool or online from Tesco.

Updated September 2022

Wearing of the school’s agreed uniform is seen as a clear statement of commitment to school by children and their parents / carers. Our uniform aims to ensure comfort and safety while children carry out normal activities of the school day.

Our logo uniform is available from Trophy Textiles, Unit 2D, Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool TR15 3QW, Tel:  01209 713341


All children are expected to wear full school uniform.

Our uniform consists of :

  • Purple Sweatshirt/Cardigan with school logo
  • White Polo Shirt (with or without logo)
  • Grey or black Trousers/Skirts/Pinafore dress
  • Black School Shoes – No trainers or boots please


There is also a purple and black PE kit, which we ask that children wear from Year 1 upwards.

PE kit can be worn to school on the day of PE lessons.

PE Kit should include:

  • Purple T-Shirt with school logo (round neck)
  • Black Shorts/Tracksuit bottoms
  • Pair of black plimsolls or light trainers (please bring in addition to school shoes)
  • Pair of spare socks (in case of wet weather)
  • Plain black tracksuits can be worn may be worn  in cold weather.

 Other aspects of appearance and presentation in school


Long hair, including braids, must be tied back. We request that there are no ‘extreme’ hairstyles e.g. tram lines, mohicans, bleached stripes. Hair gel, dye and razor cuts are aspects of fashion and whilst we accept that children may wish to follow fashion in their own social lives, a primary school is not the place for this.


One pair of stud earrings is acceptable for girls and boys. If they are worn, they will need to be removed or taped for PE activities. This is a safety measure and for this reason only cannot be negotiated. Children should be able to remove them or tape the earrings themselves.

No other jewellery is acceptable in school for safety reasons.

Make up is not acceptable in Pencoys School and nail varnish is considered unsuitable for primary school.