Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Cathy Bonds

Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Curriculum Lead

Mike Buck

Year 6 Teacher Maths and PE Lead

Russell Kendall

Year 5 Teacher (0.5) & Deputy Headteacher DT, Computing and MFL Lead

Rosalyn Osborne

Year 5 Teacher (0.5) and Teaching Assistant (0.5) Music Lead

Anna Farrell

Year 4 Teacher History, Geography and Art Lead

Jayne Kirk

Year 3 Teacher SENCO & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Jess Thomas

Year 3 Teacher RE and PSHE Lead

Rebecca Johns

Year 2 Teacher Phonics lead

Claire Farnaby

Year 1 Teacher Reading and Writing Lead

Francesca Antoniazzi

EYFS Teacher EYFS and Science Lead

Leanne Gray

Pre-School Teacher

Support Staff

Rachel Phillips

Year 2 and Y6 Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Maureen Goosey

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Rosalyn Osborne

Year 5 Teacher (0.5) and Teaching Assistant (0.5) Music Lead

Emma Mitchell

Year 6 and Y2 Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Lisa Johns

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mel Goldsworthy

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Manley

Year 3 Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Tash Johns

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Tracy Broughal

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Jo Gibbs

Reception Teaching Assistant

Jenny Beesley

Pastoral Lead

Becky Wilkes

Office Administrator

Nathan Thomas

Compliance coordinator

Tracey Francis

Lunchtime Supervisor

Lucy Clifford

1:1 Teaching Assistant Y2 and Y5

Tracey Bennett

Teaching Assistant Y4